What’s Ariadne’s Thread and why this blog?

by ariadnesthread101

Ariadne’s Thread is a weekly tutorial, or ‘study session’ (ugh. that phrase!), being held at the University of Essex‘s Wivenhoe Park campus for students doing the Masters in Environmental Governance (MEG).

We’ll use this blog to document the journey through this course, and to reflect on the insights we pick up along the way. By ‘we’, I mean myself, and students on the MEG who elect to attend these sessions each week.

I haven’t met everyone yet – our first conversation happens this coming Friday. We’ll decide at that point whether we’d like this blog to be authored by me, and contain just my reflections, or whether everyone would like to chip in. I’m not sure how either one would work: if it’s just me, where do all the reflections of the group go? If it’s all of us, how do we reflect openly and honestly on our personal experience in such a public space? Hopefully we’ll be come to some kind of decision this Friday.

The idea for this blog came to me when I facilitated these sessions last year. We conversed a lot, and lots of insights were generated and shared, and written on scraps of paper and… God know where they are now. I felt the need to capture.

The blog also allows us to connect to the wider world beyond the course. Which seems essential for any University course, but especially so for one on environmental studies. I personally hope we have a wider audience (hello, if you’re already reading!). I’m aware that I’ve been holding off populating this blog before we can discuss who will author it and come to consensus on what the tone and content will be. But this is one decision that I’ve taken unilaterally – keeping the blog open. Open to read, open for comments (as long as you don’t spam, and don’t troll!)

I might come back before Friday and type up a little introduction to our course and to some of the ideas behind Ariadne’s Thread.

Until then!

– Zareen