Looking up!

by ariadnesthread101

Rob Hopkins blogs (amongst many many other things!) on Transition at transition.org. Yesterday, he posted this great post, asking people to help him identify positive trends in a transition to sustainability. He posted seven examples. And then opened the conversation to Twitter where people can give the examples they know, using the hashtag #transitiontrends.

I thought this would be a super super super thing to keep an eye on and contribute to – what do you think?

Are there examples you can think of yourself?  Would you like to search for some?  Do you think there is anything promising out there (or should we just get into bed and never get out again?!)

Come up with something! ‘Submit’ your responses via the comments function on this blog or on the original post at transition.org. Tweet using #transitiontrends. Share on Facebook.

Let’s shine a light on things that are looking up!

[Image unattributed online: if it’s yours, please get in touch!]