How to: Feed the City

by ariadnesthread101

A big sustainability challenge over the next few decades is going to be about feeding people in cities. Soon, more people will live in cities than outside them. For the first time in our history, we’ll be an Urban species. Cities are traditionally considered to be quite resource-hungry, and we will need to figure out how to make them sustainable. Feeding cities sustainably is a challenge. But it can be done. People are figuring it out. Here’s a video describing one way to do this.

This talk woke me right up. By the way, if you’re awake – like really awake – when you watch this (or rewatch it 😉 ), you can literally list important MEG-related concepts, theories and principles from within this video.

“Take these seeds… and the people around you are going to be nourished by the splendor of the garden that you grow”

Happy Monday!

ps: Since the MEG is meeting Agriculture for the first time this week, here’s a paper (full-text for free) you might be interested in. It’s easy and interesting to read, and gives you an overview of the key questions that are important to the future of agriculture.

(Image: Tumblr)