Summary week 9

by sabrinakuehn


In our Politics and Society lecture the topic of democracy and its implications for environment has again been discussed, this time the focus was on how democratic processes work for policy making. The efficiency of negociations was analyzed by looking at corporatism and pluralism, pointing out that in terms of negotiating environmental topics corporatism has a good chance to be successful.

In the Environmental Issues lecture we got to know the role of Natural England and the Environmental Agency and how they monitor for example Great Britain’s water quality. This should help us with planning the Melchester-on-sea assessment at which we are supposed to deal with a chemical explosion and its consequences for the environment.

Aquaculture has been introduced in Natural Resources. The main aspects were about how aquaculture has developed over time, from fisheries to intensive aquaculture, the latter often being associated with impacts on the environment. With environmental concerns of aquaculture in mind, this article might be interesting