Upcoming events week 8

by sabrinakuehn

Environmental Protection Society in conjunction with the Essex Sustainability Institute (ESI) Film Screening – Energy Crossroads (2007, 56 min). LTB 6. Tuesday, 6.30pm with follow up discussions in Top Bar. Energy Crossroads exposes the problems associated with our energy consumption. It also offers concrete solutions for those who want to educate themselves and be part of the solutions in this decisive era. The film features passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, experts and scientists at the forefront of their field bringing legitimacy and expertise to the core message of the piece.

The 5th Interdisciplinary Essex/Writtle College Conference. This year’s conference is on the theme of ‘Food’ and topics covered include ‘The Obesity Epidemic’, ‘Local Food Systems’, ‘Aesthetic Foodscape Design’ and ‘James Bond: International Man of Gastronomy’. A coach will be leaving the University (from the Podia entrance on Boundary Road) Friday at 7.50am. To book your place on the coach or to see the full programme, please contact Jeanie Armstrong (jarmst@essex.ac.uk) or Kristina Newbatt (krnewb@essex.ac.uk).