More on ‘Solutions’

by ariadnesthread101

More on ‘Solutions’

I introduced the Solutions Journal in a previous post.  Along similar lines, here’s an article in yesterday’s New York Times by David Bornstein.

In the introductory paragraphs to his article, David writes, “After looking at hundreds of examples of social change efforts, I see a side of reality that goes unreported: namely, that we’re getting smarter about the way we’re addressing social problems. In fact, I would go so far as to say we’re on the verge of a breakthrough — maybe even a new Enlightenment.”  

What do you think?

As an aside: Here’s a note on the Enlightenment from Wikipedia, and another more detailed article is here. I’m sure that at some point in our seminars we will touch on this period and its impacts. 

– Zareen

ps – Speaking of innovative solutions to longstanding problems, here’s one of my favourite examples! Do you have any others to share?